Our Mission

We believe that reliable energy supply, quality education and medical care are the essential determinators for sustainable livelihood.

This is why the association Africa Greentec Help e.V. engages in those fields, mainly in Western Africa. Our mission is to support people in rural territories to create a future worth living. We strive for a form of cooperation that takes classical development aid further and represents a mutual learning process.

We are united by one goal:
All children of the world should have the right for clean drinking water, access to education, good infrastructure and prosperity based on fair and ecological principles.

Our Projects

Join us to supply Senegal with sustainable energy!

Africa GreenTec Help e.V. partners with #connect2evolve community

Africa GreenTec Help e.V. and a team of dedicated Siemens employees have joined forces to pursue our mission with a technical and at the same time very personal approach. The community #connect2evolve, initiated by a group of Siemens employees has found the perfect partner in AGT Help e.V. Together we will conduct a Crowdfunding campaign to finance a solar container including mini grid and smart meter in Bacco Ndieme, Senegal.
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Children help children

A 5-year-old girl, who grew up in a small German town, travelled to Mali with her parents. On this trip she met many children of the same age and could make new friends.
The girl noticed that the conditions under which the children grow up are different compared to Germany. In particular, she noticed that the children had hardly any or only broken toys, which made her think of her huge toy mountain at home.
After her return to Germany, she told about her experiences and then decided to do something with her classmates. They started a donation campaign for toys and soon not only her whole class but the whole primary school participated.

Medical Care

Through our experience and local staff we know that basic medical equipment is urgently needed in the medical stations of our partner villages. Medical aids that are no longer used in Germany can have a great impact in the local medical stations.

Therefore our founding members Negin and Michael have developed an idea. In Germany we collect expired first aid kits and surgical instruments. Within a short time, numerous car dealerships and hospitals contacted us and were happy to support us in our collection campaign. In summer we will send our first shipment to Mali.

In the future we would like to continue to supply local hospitals in West Africa with medical instruments. So you do not have to throw away your expired first aid kit! If you would like to support us with small and large collections or actively help us with packing and transportation, please contact Kristine at: [email protected]

Medical Care
Medical Care

Our Team

Torsten Schreiber
association chairman
Michael Scheld
association chairman
Kristine Tauch

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