Kids give to Kids

  • Status: In Progress
  • Location: Western Africa

Be Aware of Contagiousness!

Once upon a time, there was a girl growing up in a little German town. She was five years old when she first traveled to Mali with her parents. Most of her classmates in primary school have never been to Africa. One day she decided to ship some of her toys to Mali. She wanted them to pe gifted to those kids she saw on the street, these kids whose faces stuck in her head. It were the faces of those kids who smiled at her through the window of the car that her father was driving, that day in Mali. Her father explained to her that they were street kids and probably had no home, no parents.

„Is this fair?“, the girl kept asking herself. And she asked her classmates, too. After a while she started collecting fairly used and no more needed toys from her classmates. The activity spread around: From grade 1 to grade 2, to grade 3 … after a while the whole school, including teachers, participated. The principal invited a Mali specialist to school to talk about the situation in the African country. That is how little Naomis initiative became an educational project with the potential to be contagious!